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Hazelnut Cashew Butter Crunchy

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This is a flavor you definitely don’t want to miss. Toasted hazelnuts and cashews blend into a butter that is less overpowering as peanut butter

Hazelnut,Cashew , Himalayan Pink salt and Cashew bits

Dairy Free, Suitable for Vegans



‘YOLO’ is a shout out every day! Yes, ‘You Only Live Once’ then why not with the globe’s most honest Nut-Lite  Hazelnut Cashew butter? High on protein, blended with more nutritional values than in any other food source and worth snatching; here is the most flavourful and nuttylicious butter, we bet you never tasted before. Couple it with your ice cream, toast, smoothie or whip out a crisp morning coffee. Start your day perfect with the auspicious hazelnuts blended with tropical cashews. Dip it, spread it, or enjoy by the spoonful, the choice is yours! No better way for the amazing people to be good to themselves!


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