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Hazelnut ChocoDip Lavash (100 Gms)

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Enjoy the Lavash Sticks with Hazelnut Choco dip for a cheat day for your diet.
Eat the yummiest Hazelnut Choco dip with lavash sticks to enjoy anytime in the day.
Open the snack pack with a big simile and relish lavash stick with the choco dip as never before.
Enjoy the crunchy ,delicious treat
Snack packs made for Picnic, evening play or for a cheat Day when you are on a diet. Snack pack for people who has sweet tooth.
The dip is made with the healthy hazelnuts with little twist of crunch in it.

Hazelnuts, Milk Choco & lavash

Dairy Free, Suitable for Vegans



Nut-Lite Pistachio Raisin Chunky Butter is a perfect assortment of Pistachios filled with good fats, fibre, protein and Raisins that thunder antioxidants and nutrition for strong bones and immune.

An intelligent savoury, this butter blends in pistachios and raisins to make a flavourful combination that can be consumed by adults as much as by the kids. Startle your taste buds by adding the butter scrumptiously to your boring mid meals or even better, to your breakfast.


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