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Almond Cranberry Butter Chunky

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A nutritious fruity blend of almonds and cranberries, brings out the tropical vibes in a regular nut butter!

Almond and Cranberry

Dairy Free, Suitable for Vegans



A revolutionary Butter, with a classic fusion of alight almonds and credible cranberries that is naturally sweet and chunky, makes it a perfect bliss for kids, Diabetics, Vegans and diet conscious people. Sealed with Vitamin C enriched organic dried Cranberries that boosts immune and aids the production of healthy cells; together with brain food Almonds, this butter serves as a vital daily intake of nutrients in the purest form and is a delight for those sweet tooth cravings. This nut butter source is only almonds, almond crumbles and cranberries. Sweet and Tangy daily cereals, smoothies, pancakes, fruits will always be deliciously fun now!

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