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Almond Dates Butter Chunky

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A nutritious blend of almond and dates. While almonds add the nutrition, dates make the spread naturally sweet and buttery form makes it a versatile product.

Almonds and dates

Dairy Free, Suitable for Vegans



Ms. Almond dated Mr.Date and they lived happily ever after to make a naturally sweet and protein packed Nut-Lite Almond Dates Butter Chunky. Whether its a healthy snack meal that keeps one effortlessly full or a restoring munch for kids that is as irresistible for grownups, you can simply fling on the butter to pancakes, toast, oatmeal, cookies and as cake filling. Gloppy-licious Almond Dates Butter will take you on a never tasted before spiritual food journey.

It is an Energy booster companion on your days both tough and lazy. Grab a spoonful to be lit till late!


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