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Cashew Butter Crunchy

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Rich and creamy butter made from crunchy sweet cashews making it a versatile product for various uses. Go vegan with Cashew butter!

Dairy Free, Suitable for Vegans



Dip or Sip ! Why not both ? Cajole those crunchy chips & nachos or just stir your soups thick and creamy with Nut-Lite Cashew butter. Wholesome for vegans as much as for non-vegans, this butter does magic to any day meal. Here’s a perfect base for vegan cashew nut cheese too. Fortified with several essential nutrients like protein, calcium, iron and vitamin E, the handiness of cashews do not end here as it mimics dairy too and can be significantly used in many recipes. With no added sodium and cholesterol, the wholesome cashew butter makes your meals all the more credible.


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